SECRETSAMPLES – Be The Tailor Of Your Own Comfort – began with a personal meeting with Kenya. An outstanding experience of beauty and remarkable cultural variation. This travel amplified a personal affiliation and forged a profound believe in the concept and company to be. With passion and affection for Kenya, the very idea of SECRETSAMPLES blossomed at the coasts of Malindi. A colorful chaotic cosmos of textiles and tailors.

As founders of SECRETSAMPLES we are rooted from several countries. The common factor being born, raised and mainly educated in Denmark, in all divergent manners within the framework of the Scandinavian ways and perceptions. We embrace and acknowledge all colors of cultures with a humble mindset and strive to meet and learn from every single one, respectfully.

SECRETSAMPLES promises a dedication to build cultural bridges and design expressions to reflect global coaction and empower personality.

The culture of modern Kenya is a colorful complex. 42 ethnic and unique tribes, most certainly newcomers from other African countries, Asian, European and Arabian immigrants and a combination of english and the trade-language Swahili as the bilingual common tongue – of course with a lot of exceptions. This is not the story being told but our point being a perception of modern Kenya as an uprising balance to come.

Personality is key in spite of cultural dispute and we are thoroughly fascinated with the ways and rhythms of Kenya – the foundation of SECRETSAMPLES is the Kenyan Commitment.


Traditionally Africa is a continent of traders and travelers, from the sailors on the coasts, to the caravans of the deserts, to people who traverse huge distances by foot. The exchange of goods and ideas throughout the continent, from all over the world, makes Africa sparkly, colorful and exciting, whereas the production of cotton textiles in Africa roots as far back as to the 1300th century, and has been developing ever since extracting world inputs, forming the fundamentals of SECRETSAMPLES on its way.

The local markets are pallets of people wearing garments in bright vivid colors and spectacular patterns, shaped for their individual taste and expression.  SECRETSAMPLES assortment of fabrics are all produced in Africa. We handpick and select textiles made of 100% cotton, some are locally grown and woven in Kenya and especially made to optimize the comfort of our garments, others are imported from other countries in Africa from north to south and east to west, giving everyone a chance to enrich their individual expression with a piece of Africa through personal apparel, wherever in the world they might be.

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